AdviCare Care Management

Caring for a loved one can be complicated, emotional and time consuming–with the responsibility usually falling on immediate family members. 

With our AdviCare program, we act on behalf of our clients to make sure they receive the best care possible, whether at home, hospital, or at a long-term care facility. Our care managers are licensed registered nurses and licensed clinical social workers with over 50 years of combined experience in care management, hospital, long term care, home health, and hospice planning. We understand not only the medical issues, but also the everyday, practical living issues that come into play when caring for loved ones.

AdviCare provides:

  • Objective health care information and options
  • A local liaison between the individual, family and health care providers
  • Community resources
  • Screening, coordination and monitoring of support services and other care providers
  • Recommendations for assisted living, rehabilitation and nursing home facilities
  • Emergency response
  • A review of financial issues and references to financial specialists, attorneys or insurers as needed
  • Oversight of all aspects of care to ensure quality of care and life
  • Emotional support and referrals to specialists

Call us today at 410-571-2744 for more care information or to schedule a free assessment—at home, at a rehab facility, assisted living community or even at the hospital.

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