Companionship & Socialization

As people seek to avoid having to leave home to receive needed care, in-home services like those provided by Annapolis-based Response Senior Care LLC are on the rise.
Some of the benefits of companionship care services are:
  • Home care is a compassionate way to provide socialization and support
  • It reinforces and supplements the care that is already provided by family and friends
  • It helps the care recipient maintain independence and dignity in the comfort and familiarity of home

If you’ve noticed that your loved one has an increasing need for assistance and companionship, but is still able to live on his or her own safely, home care could be a good option. Additionally, home care services are ideal for family caregivers who need a break from caring for a loved one. See our respite and interim care services.

Call our office in Annapolis today at 410-571-2744 for more information about our caring staff, or to schedule a complimentary in-home assessment.

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